Kenana Dahlan - Head of KSA Edelman ME

Kenana Dahlan

Kenana has recently joined Edelman as the head of the Saudi office. She has more than a decade of communication experience managing diverse projects through the planning, execution, implementation and evaluation of effective communication projects.​

In her role with Edelman, Kenana provides senior-level communication, PR, and strategic counsel. She is responsible for providing ministerial-level communication planning and training and works to ensure all programs are sharing compelling stories with original content.​

Prior to joining Edelman Kenana has worked with some of the Kingdom’s most prominent projects including n-house positions at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, NEOM, the Vision Realization Office, and the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources among other significant development projects and experience counseling senior officials, ministers and chief executive officers.​

Kenana holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Ottawa, Canada, has more than a decade of experience in directing high-profile corporate and government communications campaigns.