The Insight

Over 50% of UAE residents have never bought travel insurance because they don’t believe it’s important; ironically, around 80% admit to having faced travel-related incidents. Further evidence from leading travel and insurance experts revealed that those who choose not to purchase travel insurance leave it to ‘luck’ and assume nothing would happen to them.

The Idea

RSA UAE wanted to increase its travel insurance sales over the summer season. Tasked with this challenge, this consumer insight of ‘luck’ provided us with the trigger to conceptualize our campaign idea - the launch of a unique creative campaign - “In Search for the UAE’s Unluckiest Traveler” – that would help transform RSA Insurance into a consumer engaging brand.

We put storytelling at the centre and asked travellers to share their unlucky travel stories, providing the unluckiest one with a dream trip worth AED 30,00 highlighting the second chance that insurance can provide.

Edelman DABO developed a campaign focused on an integrated communications approach that utilised owned, paid, earned, and shared media across multiple touchpoints including:

  • Social media with a priority on Facebook with hashtag #RSATravelTales
  • Development of Facebook app and support in developing creative posts
  • Influencer engagement with leading travel bloggers
  • Radio competition with Dubai 92 - Consumer magazine partnership and sponsored content with Ahlan!
  • Traditional media relations across business, travel, entertainment and lifestyle media


The Impact

  • A 45% increase in sales in July 2016 after the campaign went live
  • A 22.5% increase in August 2016 compared to the same period in 2015
  • 21% message penetration in participants’ stories indicating a greater appreciation of the value of travel insurance, and an evident shift in sentiment