The Insight

The Al Ghurair Open Learning Scholars program is designed for youth who are passionate about developing their skills in the field of STEM, Education, Healthcare and more. Through a partnership with Arizona State University, AGFE made free online scholarships available to Arab Youth in the region who are typically not able to afford higher education.

Due to limited available budgets and taking advantage of the Middle East being one of the most socially active regions globally, we utilized social media and google search as cost effective platforms to most accurately reach our target audience and entice them to start their online application for a scholarship at ASU.

The Idea

Seeing is believing - we created content that involved actual scholarship students and asked them to promote the program to fellow prospective students. To tell their story on how the scholarship and being able to study at ASU has opened up doors for their future.

In the end, through endlessly iterating on our targeting and creative, we drove 211,762 clicks to the website application form, with 26% of those progressing, resulting in 197 young Arabs being awarded a scholarship and give them the opportunity to further their education and laying foundations for their future careers which without AGFE & ASU may not have been able too.