The Insight

Saudi moms constantly worry that they don’t provide their kids with the right nutrition at breakfast – often forgetting that it’s not just what’s on the table that matters… but who’s around it.

The Idea

To help Rainbow Milk connect with moms in Saudi and give them reassurance and recognition, Edelman DABO developed a campaign that encouraged Saudi moms to rethink what makes a breakfast complete.

With an emotive video content at the heart of the campaign, the core idea was to leverage the mother-child bond and highlight what the kids believe the most important part of breakfast is. To remind moms that it’s not what is on the breakfast table that matters but who’s around it.

Conceptualized by Edelman DABO as a social experiment, the video featured three real Saudi families and showed the responses of mom and her children when they are questioned separately about breakfast habits in their homes… with an unexpected twist.

Released ahead of Mother’s Day 2017, Edelman DABO developed a 360-launch strategy for the video spanning across paid social amplification, targeted editorial placement across pan-Arab media and influencer engagement.

The Impact

The video has been viewed 2mn times across multiple platforms and have garnered 3.8mn + media impressions.