The Insight

The brief was launch and ignite excitement for the Middle East launch of new horror show Channel Zero: No-End House, however with hundreds of TV shows launched in the region every year, we challenged our client to create a unique experience that people would want to write about, talk about and share.

As video consumption in the MENA region is ranked second in the world with more than 2 hours of videos uploaded every minute, video content is key! We devised a digitally led campaign unlike anything SYFY had done before.

The Idea

We created the UAE’s own version of the No-End House, we placed an online advert for a vacant villa at a really low price to attract potential tenants for viewing. We also invited journalists and influencers, but little did they know they were all stepping into a trap where each room would be more horrifying than the next.

In three weeks, and with a budget of just $55,000 we hired and set up the villa, sourced the horror props and installed a 16 camera HD security system to capture people’s reactions as they walked through the villa. All to deliver a piece of hero content as well as personalized films for every journalist and influencer that attended the experience. As a result, we created the best preforming piece of content for Syfy, EVER.

The Impact

  • In just under three days, the Facebook post had achieved 1 million views, 1,800k comments, 18,000. likes, and 3,700 shares. In total, it reached 4.3 million individuals.
  • 103,800 views on YouTube.
  • 955,000 Twitter impressions, 288,000 views and 16,000 engagements. The video trended at No. 1 position in the region for 24 hours.
  • $55,000 worth of press clippings.
  • Most importantly, the campaign helped achieve viewer figures that exceeded all expectations!