I recently read in a Forbes article that according to research, a healthy and happy workforce can reduce costs by more than $1,600 USD per employee, with reduced leave days caused by disability or unplanned sickness. 


The article went on to list 14 employee well-being initiatives a company could put in place to cultivate a healthier and happier team. The list included flexible working arrangements, access to healthy food, among many other practices. 


These are practices we have all heard of and perhaps even experienced at our current place of employment. What really struck a chord with me were the other practices listed such as on-site fitness programs, mindfulness training, emotional intelligence development training, a gratitude practice, deep sense of purpose and contribution. 


Now, these practices are not as common as the others I’ve listed and are certainly much more difficult to convince your company’s leadership to invest in for a so called “happier and more productive work force”.


Edelman Yoga


What the article did for me is appreciate the PR firm I work for, not only have they ticked the boxes on these initiatives that are so rarely invested in by corporate leaders around the globe, but they have truly made it a priority. 


This week at the office, our workweek ended with a mindfulness training session which focused on unlocking our subconscious mind to help us realize our full potential and acknowledge that we are worthy, capable, and winners!” 


Fun fact: Did you know that as humans, we only really tap into a small portion of our mind on a daily basis and that our conscious is only made up of 12%, while our subconscious mind the remainder 88%? 

Imagine what would happen if your employees knew that they are able to unlock a much bigger portion of their mind to make decisions that would help your company not only succeed but thrive. They would be able to consult clients better, complete assignments smarter, and achieve so much more. 


This is just one tiny example, out of many that I could give on how the company I work for is currently investing in me - in my career and well-being development. 


Remember when the Forbes article mentioned deep sense of purpose and contribution? We have a program on a network-wide level at work called, Global Citizenship. This program focuses on finding opportunities locally for our employees to volunteer their working time to give back to those in need. Talk about fulfillment at the workplace. 


Beyond this, our office has a culture committee, which has been established by the company’s leadership in the region, in which I have the honor to chair. This committee meets on a regular basis and we are responsible for supporting the organization of the initiatives mentioned above. Recently we have also worked to organize smaller office initiatives to address topics such as integration, diversity, as well as achievement. 


Food at Edelman


The Forbes article I started with suggests “workplace health and well-being programs not only have a positive impact on your employees’ wellness, they also lead to a significant increase in your team’s engagement, cohesiveness and overall productivity.” 


I urge you to cultivate a corporate culture where employees know how much you value them and that they’re more than just a number. How do you do that? Focus on their well-being.